Dr Yvonne McNeill MA, MSc, D.Clin.Psych.

Chartered Clinical Psychologist

Dr Yvonne McNeill has over 6 years experience providing consultation to the medical profession and writing reports in respect of psychological readiness for treatment and surgery.

Having worked at the Canniesburn Plastic Surgery and Burns Unit for more than 6 years, Dr McNeill is very experienced in assessing line with the Adult Exceptional Aesthetic Referral Protocol for cosmetic surgery in Scotland. She has written reports and provided consultation in the NHS and Private Practice, to Plastic Surgery, ENT, Dermatology and Gynaecology to name a few.

A recent Cochrane review found that physical and psychological outcomes are improved when patients are involved in decision-making. Dr McNeill has spent the last 10 years supporting children, adolescents and adults to be involved in medical and surgical decision-making.

Dr McNeill is in the process of establishing practising privileges for BMI hospitals and can offer support to inpatients, outpatients or on call if required. Consultation can be offered at our clinics in Glasgow, Stirling or by Skype or phone.

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